Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trip to Knox County

Last weekend my husband and I went to our cabin in Knox County, Ohio. New life was everywhere. The roadsides were resplendent with white and purple dames rockets and the fields were nurseries for newborn kids, foals, and calves. 

We always buy eggs at a certain Amish farm. "I'll have to go over and see what they done," replied the egg lady doubtfully, when we asked for our usual two dozen.  She returned with just one dozen. Sundown was approaching. The hens were getting ready for the Sabbath. 

The sign at the Amish bake shop said the shop would be closed on Thursday, May 17th,  in observance of Ascension Day. 

My husband's cousin, Billy, came down from Cleveland  on Saturday. They discussed their mutual interest in genealogy, speculating on why some of their forebears denied their Polish heritage.  My semi-retired husband recently started piano lessons at the Senior Center in Laurel.  He's serious about daily practice, so he decided to buy an electronic keyboard for the cabin.  He called both the music stores he found in the yellow pages--one in Mansfield, OH and the other in Millersburg, OH--on Sunday. No one answered.  Of course. They take the Sabbath seriously in rural Ohio. He tried the Mansfield store early Monday morning, found out what brands they carried and got directions. About five minutes after he hung up, he received a call from the Millerburg store. Our phone number had apparently been recorded when Phil called on Sunday. Since Millersburg is closer, we went there. While the owner was writing up the sale, Phil mentioned how close we'd come to going to Mansfield. Mr. Young, a very genial guy, smiled and said, "Oh, the Lord looks out for me." 

We had a little "fun with hearing loss" on the way home on Tuesday. Phil said, "So many people have plaster deer in their yards."  I heard this as, "So many people have plastered deer in their cars." What a picture!