Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Snow Foolin'

We're headed for Erie, PA this week end.

We don't expect snow up there this weekend, 
but this past winter they had a record-breaking snowfall of 50-plus inches.

This sign, outside a car wash, always amuses me.

It says: "Do Not Enter with Plow Attached"

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

NO! Go Back Where You Came From!

These daffodils were already sprouting on Valentine's Day.

Too early!

Two weeks ago, the groundhog

promised six more weeks of winter.

This was welcome news to me, 

since we hardly had any winter at all this year. 

Now YOU daffodils come along, the Truth Tellers of global warming.

No! I won't have it!

Go back where you came from!

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Last night my husband and I were watching TV.  Suddenly, through the venetian blind, we could see flashing lights. Peeking out, we saw a fire truck across the street at our neighbor's house, plus an ambulance. A couple of firemen were dragging a hose up the street. Other firemen were going in and out the front door, which was propped open. This neighbor rents out rooms to several people. One of them came out front with two little dogs on leashes. We couldn't make sense of of anything we were seeing. Was there a fire or not?

After a half an hour, the fire truck and ambulance shut off their flashing lights and pulled away. I immediately phoned our neighbor. 

"Oh," she said, "My bad. I set a candle on my wood-burning stove and it melted. The wax ran down the back of the stove and got into the grate. We couldn't reach it, and  it just smoked and smoked. We thought it was going to set the house on fire, but it didn't, and we're all OK."

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Man in His Kitchen

He raps his spoon smartly three times
against the oatmeal pot.

He grinds coffee beans,
stopping the machine three times
to check its progress.

The radio is on.
On Sundays,
an avowedly spiritual woman
talks with her guests.

On weekdays,
the host takes calls from 
one of three lines:

People either love or loathe the President.