Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gifted Dreamers

Some people are experts at realizing all kinds of benefits from their dreams. The Bible tells stories of people who eluded danger because they heeded an angel's warning that came to them in a dream. These days we hear of people who go to sleep mulling over a problem and wake up with a solution.

Sad to say, I must not be one of those gifted dreamers.  Last September I  bought two pairs of earrings for our daughters at a little shop in Danville, OH. The older daughter received her pair at her birthday celebration in November. The younger one had no time for her birthday get-together in mid-Decmber, so the celebration was postponed until the last weekend in January. In the meantime, I somehow lost her set of earrings. When I looked for them in my "gift closet" the day before we all went out to dinner, they were not to be found. 

So I explained the situation to our daughter and gave her $20. If I find the earrings, you'll  have to give the twenty back, I said.  Ha ha, she said.

Last night I dreamed about the lost earrings. My inner Wise Woman advised me to look in the tall plastic waste basket in which I keep rolls of wrapping paper in the gift closet.  Of course! Why hadn't I thought of that? The earrings probably fell off the shelf into the basket.

Only they weren't there. So much for my inner Wise Woman. Maybe they'd fallen in my husband's messy bucket of aquarium supplies, which he keeps in the gift closet. Nope, not in there either. However, back behind the sleeping bags I found a special issue ("Guide to Self-Reliance and Country Skills") of Mother Earth News, still in its "Books-a-Million" bag. I'd bought it in 2013 to include in a gift basket for the church auction,   As the day of the auction drew nigh, I looked high and low for the missing magazine. Then, as now, my inner Wise Woman was no help at all. I finally went out and bought a second copy.