Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Middle Class to Follow the Billionaires into Space

 SpaceBus will launch in November, 2021, carrying 250 middle-class subscribers into space. Tickets for the 22-minute ride will cost just $100,000 each. 

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Sardonic Humor on the Fourth

 I've reached that time of life when I live mainly on Memory Lane. At least for now, as I still seem to have a fair number of marbles. 

Anyway, some years ago, all residents of Montpelier, the name of our Levitt-house community in Laurel, MD, woke to find small American flags at the bottom edge of their driveways, with a post-card-sized ad for the local realtor who was responsible for placing them (over 500) before dawn's early light.  

While most of us were pleased when we found them, one resident was not.  He posted a message on the community's e-mail bulletin board, protesting that the realtor had taken advantage of our national holiday to advertise his business. As if this was somehow un-American.

Another resident replied, "If you'll just provide your address, I'll come and remove the offending item." 

I loved that.