Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowy Day

Today deep snow is blanketing the Baltimore-Washington suburbs. There's even a possibility of canceling church tomorrow--not that I'd be going--but tomorrow is "Greening Sunday," the Sunday before Christmas when the congregation always decorates the church with fresh evergreens.

It's 16 days after the surgery to repair my fractured right femur. Some days the pain is nearly overwhelming. Unfortunately, I'm near the end of the road with Oxycodone; I seem to have developed a tolerance for it. The good news is that the staples came out two days ago. I get around pretty well with a walker. They tell me I won't need the walker after New Year's. I find that hard to believe.

The visiting nurse will come once more next week to discharge me from home nursing care.  I'll have about two more visits per week from the physical therapist and will then continue therapy on an outpatient  basis. I can't imagine when I'll be able to drive again, since the fractured leg is the gas pedal/brake  leg. We'll see.

Last night, Criminal Cat (the one who knocked down last year's Christmas tree) jumped on my lap and tried to settle herself on my poor leg. When I screeched, she dug her claws into my thigh before jumping off. I bled a lot because of the blood thinner I'm taking to prevent post-surgery blood clots.  Phil washed the wounds, slathered on antiseptic ointment, and applied a dressing. I'll probably live.

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Lena said...

I hope you can find something else for your pain. I can only imagine how much it hurt when the cat dug into you. Yikes!!

hang in there, I can't wait to hear that you are walking again.