Monday, January 6, 2020


Dilly-Dog wonders why her best friend sits around in a chair all day. 

He finally did it. He got the other knee replaced on December 19th.  He'd mulled it over for a long time.  Over five years, I think. He'd had knee-replacement surgery on his left knee in August,  2014. It went well and everyone in the family just assumed he'd have the other knee done before too long.  Well, we were wrong. The motto this man lives by is: "We don't have to decide today."  

Many todays went by.  Eventually,  he decided to accept his knee "as is." He could get around just fine, he said.  OK, he limped a little, but all in all, his knee wasn't a problem. Besides, he'd heard some stories about knee surgeries that hadn't gone well. Then he bought a bike and was soon riding all over the neighborhood, gradually extending the distance and trying some hills.  He and his "bad" knee were out there nearly every day, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  Life was good. 

Perhaps it was during our trip to Costa Rica last spring that he began to reconsider knee surgery. We did a lot of walking. Usually, he had no problem, unless we had to rush through an airport to make a connection or climb a steep flight of stairs. In May, he said he wanted to talk to a surgeon. Once he decided on surgery, he wanted to have it right away, because the surgeon was planning to go on maternity leave by the end of summer.  But a day or two after their initial meeting, she called to tell him her obstetrician wanted her to stop working immediately. 

So, with one thing and another, it was nearly Christmas before he had his surgery.  Recovery is going well. He's getting PT three times a week and is eager to resume a more active life--walking the dog, riding his bike and driving. After all, you can watch only so much football, listen to only so many talking heads, binge-watch only so many programs on Netflix before you go absolutely B*A*T*T*Y.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Blustery Day

This past Thursday morning I went out on an errand.  It was an extremely blustery day,  probably an effect of the nor'easter blasting New England. Driving up a nearby street, I saw an older gentleman setting out on a walk, with two walking sticks. He was dressed in a kilt.  You just don't expect to see something like that in our neighborhood, at least so early on a weekday morning. I wonder how he and his kilt fared in the high winds. 

Friday, August 30, 2019

Butterfly Days

I have been flitting around like a butterfly this summer.  I am sorry I have not been posting. I've had lots of things to say and now they will mostly go unsaid because of my flitting about. At least I've made progress on several decluttering projects:  we have two dozen cans half full of paint. I don't want them ending up in the landfill, so I am trying to empty the by painting closets. The other project is reviewing our 50-year-old collection of slides and filing them in tidy little boxes.  They've already been transferred to DVDs. We have one more tray of slides to review and then we'll give away our slide projector and the empty trays. I hope we'll have takers.

Meanwhile, we've begun to suspect that we will not see the large crop of monarch caterpillars like the one we had last year. We have plenty of milkweed, but now it looks tattered, wilted, spent. We've seen monarchs laying eggs on the milkweed, but we've seen only one caterpillar. One lovely fat one appeared  out back at the beginning of August. He looked as if he was ready to spin a chrysalis, but we never saw one. Meanwhile, on the front porch, we found a chrysalis that something had bitten into. Not good.

We've seen other kinds of butterflies--fritillaries, swallowtails, and this magnificent Common Buckeye. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Istanbul, not Constantinople

We were out walking Dilly early on this hot and humid day.  We passed a car parked across the street. It had an odd sticker in the rear window. It said, "Make Istanbul Constantinople Again."

Right away a fragment from an old song from the 40's began playing in my head. I asked my husband about it. He remembered it, too.  Here's all I remember from that song:

It's Istanbul, not Constantinople,
Istanbul, not Constantinople,
It's Istanbul, not Constantinople,
Why did "Constantinople" get the works?
That's nobody's business but the Turks.

A little later, more lines surfaced from the old memory fishing bank:

Even Old New York
Was once New Amsterdam.
Why they changed it
I can't say,
Maybe they just liked it better that way.