Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Introducing a VIF (Very Important Fish)


Why should one tiny component of Corporate America be allowed unlimited access to a fish that is so essential to the survival of the blue crab, the striped bass and the Chesapeake Bay itself? Early in 2013, the state of Virginia finally set a catch limit on Omega Protein, a company that has overfished the menhaden for decades in order to produce dietary supplements and animal feed. Of course Omega Protein plans to fight back with all it's got, but it looks like they've earned themselves a few powerful enemies, thanks to this excellent book.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Scared to Death at 2 AM

She was born in one of the poorest areas of Mexico.
She came to this country and cleans houses for a living.  She's no longer young.
I saw her yesterday. She was back at work, cheerfully cleaning a neighbor's house.

Two Friday nights ago, her friends took her to the emergency room because she was having severe abdominal pain and repeatedly vomiting. They were friends, not relatives, so they couldn't go with her to the examination/treatment cubicle. She was alone. The doctor treated her for flu. She was put on an IV and given something for the pain around 9 PM. She kept vomiting. The pain got worse. By 2 AM, the diagnosis changed to acute appendicitis. In fact, her appendix had ruptured. As she was being prepared for emergency surgery,  a hospital official asked, "If you die, what do you want us to do with your body?"