Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Freaky Femur Fractures

As you might have read in "Bone of my Bones," my November 19th post, my sister tripped over a wheelchair (she had just recovered from foot surgery) and fractured her left femur. After surgery, an x-ray showed a hairline fracture in her right femur. She is scheduled for more surgery tomorrow.

Not to be outdone, I fractured my right femur a week ago today. Tuesday is the day I spend with our 20-month-old grandson so that his mother (our daughter) can work at home. I'm glad I had already carried Nathaniel upstairs for his nap. Back downstairs, I heard the College Park leaf-vaccuuming machine approaching the great stack of curbside leaves out front.  Looking out the window for a glimpse of this leaf-munching monster, I stumbled over Sophie, a huge sweet mutt who had parked herself in the traffic lane.  Down I went!

The next week was a blur. Ambulance ride to the emergency room at Washington Adventist Hospital (WAH), x-rays, admission to the hospital, surgery Thursday night, physical and occupational therapy. Happily, I got to come home last night. A visiting  nurse and physical therapist will come see me today. Phil has been wonderful, changing the bed, doing laundry, picking up prescriptions, injecting my blood thinner, helping me shower. He was on duty since 4 PM yesterday until 11 AM this morning, when he went to work.

I'm still in pain, but it's manageable. I feel pretty good 20 minutes after taking my Oxycontin. Although the calls and e-mails from friends and the care I received from the WAH staff probably had something to do it, I wonder if my happy mood during the past week was due to the combined effects of my  antidepressant plus Oxycodone. I think I will call Rush Limbaugh during his show today and ask for advice on doctor shopping. JUST kidding.


Harley said...

I know that you didn't do this to avoid decorating a tree or cooking Christmas dinner. I am sure of it. Really.
As I say to my phantom dog, "Heal!"
Love you!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh My Gosh! This is terrible. And younger people wonder why we older folk walk so carefully most of the time. Glad to know your pain is being managed. Get well soon wishes being sent your way. Mind the doctor now!

Lena said...

Oh boy, take good care of yourself! Glad your husband is there to help you out!

I always worry about tripping over my cat, she plops herself right in the middle of our doorways.

Hope you have a speedy recovery!

forsythia said...

Thank you all for your good wishes. Whenever I've stumbled (often!) over cracks in the sidewalk over the years, my husband says, "Don't you even watch to see where you're going?" Believe me, now I will.

Crockhead said...

Sorry to hear about your freaky fractures. I'm glad the pain hasn't taken away your sense of humor.