Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Temptation, Bodacious, and Incredible

"Temptation," "Bodacious," and "Incredible" are all varieties of corn.  

The corn stood tall and glossy-green when we were in Ohio the weekend of July 23rd.  Our neighbor, David,  hoped for rain that weekend. When the corn is tasseled, it needs moisture to carry the pollen from the tassel to the strands of silk.  Each strand forms one kernal on an ear of corn. 

There was more than enough rain that sultry weekend. We stopped at an Amish produce stand and bakery. We bought zucchini bars at the bakery and corn, tomatoes, and green beans at the produce stand. Mrs. Weaver told us that the two-color corn we bought that Saturday  was "Temptation," but that "Bodacious" would be available in a few days, and after that, "Incredible." When we went back on Monday (the stand is closed on Sunday),  her husband, Atlee, said that he picks the corn for the day's sales every morning. If any is left at the end of the day, he feeds it to the horses!

I almost howled in dismay, like that dog in "Ultimate Dog Tease" on YouTube.



PseudoPiskie said...

So far "local" corn isn't very local here. Perhaps I should take a short road trip.

Lena said...

wow, I grew up on a farm and i didn't know the info on this post!

Corn picked from my dad's fields was always the freshest and the best. Can' find a match to it these days.