Wednesday, August 10, 2011

He's a Cribber.

I've already told you about how much I enjoy the horse ads in The Vendor, a biweekly publication for "plain people." Sometimes the ads mention a horse's pedigree. That means nothing to me, but it's fun to see some of the other details:

"A boy's horse."
"Can take girls to singing."
"Women can drive."
"Not for seniors."
"98 percent traffic-safe-and-sound." (!)
"Shies some at large trucks." (! !)
"He's a cribber."

At the Amish vegetable stand, we asked Mr. Weaver about two descriptions we didn't understand. One was "up-headed." Every buggy horse we'd ever seen certainly looked "up-headed" to us.  Mr. Weaver replied that an "up-headed" horse has an especially proud  bearing. 

Well, then, what's a "cribber?"  

"Oh," said Mr. Weaver, "you don't want a cribber. That's a horse with bad habits, almost like an addiction to cigarettes. A cribber is a horse that gnaws the wood in his stall." 

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Lena said...

Who would think a horse would have bad habits? Good to know!!