Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Australia is Closed!

We were in the gift shop at the National Aquarium in Baltimore this afternoon when the glassware and jewelry suddenly began rattling as the building shook. We were all told to leave the building immediately. My grandson and I joined the crowds milling around the Inner Harbor. Cell phones were out. Everyone was talking about the earthquake. 

After a quarter of an hour, the Aquarium was open again. Andrew and I wanted to see the jellyfish and the fruit bats. The fruit bats are housed in an area called "Australia." We got to see the jellyfish, but the escalator to the Glass Pavilion was cordoned off with yellow tape. "Sorry," said a staff person stationed at the escalator. Australia is closed. We've got shattered glass, and we're afraid more could break if there are aftershocks." We'll have to see the fruit bats another time. 


PseudoPiskie said...

Glad you weren't in the way of shattering glass!

The recliner sort of felt like it was on waves. Kinda fun.

forsythia said...

I felt that "wave" sensation in California in 1964. It felt like a single, gentle wave lifted the bed and set it down.