Saturday, June 21, 2008

Something Just Clicked

For years I've wondered how my husband could stand to watch so much TV. 'Anything that flickers" is the way he puts it. Talking heads, screaming heads, murder, mayhem, baseball, basketball, boxing, football, golf, hockey, Dog Whisperer, Meerkat Manor, and sometimes even the insufferable Bill O'Reilly. He lounges on the couch, remote in hand, click-click-clicking away. Sometimes I'm passing through the room when a fleeting image catches my interest. A frantic-looking woman will be saying, "--but when our dog dug up that skull in the back yard, we--" CLICK!

"Phil! Get that back! I wanna see that!"

"Wha--? Huh? Sorry." Click, click, click.

But the segment has already ended. "Even the toughest grass stains come out with --"

I can no longer point fingers at him. We've had our new computer for nearly a year. I've discovered blogging and now spend WAY too much time click-click-clicking away on the keyboard. Is there a 12-step program for blogaholics?


Nancy said...

I dont know about a cure for blogaholics but after you described your husband's affinity for tv watching and remote hogging, I swear to god I am married to his long lost twin!

Charley Horse said...

It has been said that men don't want to see what's on TV; they want to see what else is on TV. How true! My beloved spouse cannot stand to leave the remote alone when a commercial comes on. Then he has trouble finding his way back to what we were watching. Maybe I should take up blogging. Better idea: our husbands should attend "Remotaholics Anonymous!"

CJM-R said...

Ok, when you find it, let me know about it!

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I love this explanation - so true - I started my blog last Sept and there were days that's all I thought about - it's getting better though - I think.