Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Crazy Conversation

This weekend our younger daughter, Becky, came to visit. Her husband, Tom, is on tour in Hawaii with the army band. She brought along our 3-month-old grandson, Nathaniel, plus a breast pump, bottles, frozen packets of breast milk, back-up formula "just in case," the baby's stroller, his floor gym, diapers, bibs, and numerous little outfits. She also lugged in a cat carrier containing one (1) cat, Clarence, plus cat food, a litter box, litter. The last to come in was Sophie, the enormous brindle mutt who belongs to Tom. Ramsey, Becky's lovable Baltimore street dog, has been residing temporarily with us since February.

Late yesterday afternoon, Mom came out during Charles Stanley's weekly TV sermon.
"Mom," I said, "You're missing your program."
"Oh, I don't care about that," she replied, waving her hand dismissively. "I'm worried sick. I couldn't sleep this afternoon. Who are those two big dogs and why are they here?"
"Mom, you know who they are. One of them is Ramsey. The other one is Sophie. You've met Sophie."
"Oh, I know who Ramsey is," she replied, crossly. "Just tell me who those two big dogs are."
"Mom, there are just two dogs here. Ramsey and Sophie."
She shook her head in disbelief. She gave up and went back in to listen to the rest of the sermon.

Later, when Phil and Becky were in the family room with Nathaniel, she came out to question them some more about the two big dogs.


Tory said...

It must be hard for her to understand everything when things change in the house. Does this worry you? Do you think she may be getting dimentia? I hope not. Still, I'm sorry to say, (forgive me), her antics make me laugh.
Take care

forsythia said...

Tory, Nah, I'm not worried, but I think she definitely has a touch of dementia. It comes and goes. Some days she seems more "with it" than others. Phil and I rented a good movie recently about two self-absorbed middle-aged "kids" who are suddenly faced with caring for their elderly father. It's called THE SAVAGES. I miss being self-absorbed. :-)