Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grand Mart

Saturday we had lunch at Olive Garden. One of the men that hunts deer on our land in Ohio always sends us restaurant gift cards as a thank you. On the way home, we stopped at Grand Mart, Laurel's answer to Wegman's. Well, not really. It's a Korean-Hispanic partnership, with strange signs throughout the store and outlandish fruits and vegetables you've never heard of.  Phil, who can be very outgoing, often asks ladies from India or El Salvador, "What is this?" and "How do you cook it?"  Often the only reply he gets is "not speak English," but sometimes he's rewarded with advice and a recipe. 

Examples of signs/products:

At the fish counter:  Attn customer! After clean-up of fish, no return, no exchange.

Aisle-designating signs:

Person Hygiene
Toilt Tissue
Asian Noodel
Asian Power  (After visiting the aisle, I have no idea what this refers to.)

Products I haven't tried yet:

Corn Silk Tea
Vermont Curry Mix  "with apple and honey touch"

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