Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Fool and Her Money May Soon Be Parted

Century Photo is up to its old tricks. It's too bad, too. It used to be a good company, but no longer. 

I ordered about $100 worth of photo pages and an album three weeks ago. All I have to show for it is an order confirmation number. Called them today. It's an old story. "Your stuff is on back order. It will take four to six weeks."  I ask you:  what kind of photo-page company runs out of photo pages? Does McDonald's run out of hamburgers?  This is ridiculous. I told the customer rep to cancel the order. This she was not authorized to do, but she gave me a L-O-N-G and complicated e-mail address for "Laura," the person so authorized. 

Why am I not surprised that Laura's surname was long and complicated? 
Why am I not surprised that the e-mail addressed to Laura bounced back? 
Why should it be so difficult to cancel an order, especially one that won't ship for four to six weeks? 

I am not at all happy that I entrusted my credit card number to Century Photo

I'd ordered photo pages and albums from Century Photo for over forty years with no problems. About two years ago, things started to get funny. I was charged for a recipe holder that was on back-order for months. Finally, a customer service rep admitted that it was not and never would be in stock. Eventually I got a refund, but it wasn't easy to wring it out of them.

I should have searched the Internet for "Century Photo Complaints" before placing the order this time.  I did that the other day, and oh boy!

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