Saturday, December 24, 2011

Outrage at the Eagles Club

Kids weren't usually allowed to watch the floor shows at the Eagles Club. The exception was the Christmas Show. Grampy was the manager of the Eagles Club. It was his job to hire the performers through a booking agent in Erie, PA.

I was six or seven years old and living with my paternal grandparents. So there I was at the floor show, sitting at a table with Grammy, drinking Nehi orange pop and watching the blond tap dancer. Everything was fine until she tap-danced her way over to Grampy, sat on his lap, wrapped her arms around him and planted a big "show-biz" kiss on his forehead. Everyone else laughed and burst into applause. I burst into tears. I was outraged. How dare she?


Lena said...

How dare she is right! Loved the innocence of this post.

Nancy said...

Great post and I can definitely feel the pain of that upset little girl that was you!

Debra said...

I too have many memories of being in places as a young child and then as an adult wonder...what was I doing in a place like that!