Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dress Code at the Pool Hall

We went up to Erie, PA the day after Thanksgiving to visit three of my four sisters. (Cis and her husband were with their daughter in Virginia Beach, but Cis let the out-of-town sisters, Barbara and me, stay at their house.) Margaret lives in Erie, as does Evie, who  has been confined to a wheelchair for the last ten years because of MS. Her husband, Gary, is her caregiver.

Barbara, Margaret, and I planned to take lunch over to Evie's house and spend the afternoon. Barbara, who is a wonderful cook, made a beautiful salad and baked two pies. The brothers-in-law were to take Gary out for lunch and come back later for dessert.

Off they went to the pool hall. They got back sooner than expected. After having lunch, they decided to shoot some pool. When Russ tried to make arrangements, the guy in charge told him he and his friends couldn't play.

"Why not?" he asked. The bar was half empty and a pool table was free.

"We have a dress code," explained the guy. "You can't play pool if you're wearing sweat pants." Gary was the only one wearing sweat pants. Sweat pants are what he wears around the house, caring for Evie, and it never occurred to him that he had to dress up to go to a pool hall. 


PseudoPiskie said...

That's funny. What pool hall was it?

forsythia said...

I'll ask.

Lena said...

That is funny. Never heard of such a thing. I am sure being a caregiver he could have used the night out with the guys, too.

forsythia said...

PseudoPiskie: Name of the place was Gold Crown Billiards aka "Andy's Pub."

Lena, you're right. Gary really could have used "a night out with the guys", although this happened on a Saturday afternoon. Which makes it even odder.

Andrew Quixote said...

Hey, catching up with you. Thanks for all the support and comments you have given me over the years.