Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Costly Mistake

We just spent some money on new siding and a new roof for the house. I decided I could not go up on a ladder to deal with the mold on the bedroom ceiling, so we had our bedroom and bathroom painted professionally. "Antique white" turned out to be a warm, peachy color. Love it!

Next we ordered honeycomb blinds for our two bedroom windows and two windows in the guest room. Here's where the house-project train, which had been rolling along smoothly, jumped the track. At the last minute, something or someone (the devil?) whispered "room-darkening" in my ear. So that's what I ordered. Room-darkening honeycomb shades in pearl white. Except that when they were installed, they looked grime-grey. I wanted "airy and cheerful," but I got "doom and gloom". 


I can't live with these things. They look like a sooty Russian town near the Arctic Circle in February.  Archangel maybe?  They's bought- n-paid for. I hate them. What to do?

My sister says to just get rid of them. I think she's right. First, I will try to sell them, and if there are no takers, then I will give them away. 


the sandwich life said...

oh darn...don't you hate it when you take a chance and it doesn't work. Sorry---hope you can sell them! But if not---get something you like---life's too short to live with dour grey blinds!!!

Lena said...

I agree, sell them or give them away. But don't live with anything that does not bring you peace and beauty!

Go for it!

happypitbull said...

Totally been there! You might be able to sell the blinds on Craigslist. Or donate them to Habitat for Humanity and take a nice tax write-off. Don't live with them if they don't make you happy! :)

KathyA said...

Oy! So sorry! You have to be happy with the way your home looks!