Friday, May 20, 2011

Helga the Horrible Goes to the Reunion

In a matter of days, we attend the Tree Hugger's 50th reunion at the College of Wooster in Wooster, OH.

Some people try to lose weight before a reunion. 

Others lose teeth, without even trying.

I am going to feel like Helga at that reunion. I had to have a lower front tooth pulled on Tuesday. I'm still pretty self-conscious about it.  I'd had two root canals on this tooth, so it was fragile to begin with. I really shouldn't have held that pillow in my mouth while changing the pillowcase. Anyway, the root cracked and the tooth is gone. 

I'll have to put up with a gap in my grin for at least four weeks. It's not pretty, but eating and talking pose no problems. I think I can have a good time at the reunion anyway.


PseudoPiskie said...

An addition to the usual topic at reunions - health?

forsythia said...

Yep, especially the 50th.

Lena said...

You are a really good sport! I am sure you will have a wonderful time!

I am going to take your advice. No pillow holding in the mouth!

Debra said...

Oh my! you are a brave one! I get very squemish about dental work AND reunions! LOL!

Hope you have a great time!

Nancy said...

I hope all went well with the reunion and that you had a great time anyway!