Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Games Our Minds Play

This is just crazy!

Yesterday morning I was reading about Mrs. Clarence Thomas and Liberty Central, her new political-action group. As a former employee of the federal government, I remembered that we employees had certain restrictions on our political activity. (Not that this has anything to do with Mrs. Thomas, mind you. I'm just saying.) I asked my soon-to-retire husband the name of the act that limited our politicking. 

He couldn't remember. 

Then the strangest thing happened. 

The mental image of a guy I knew at work floated into my mind, but I couldn't remember his name either! 

Just then, my husband hit on the answer. "The Hatch Act!"

Yep. My mental image was that of a guy named David Hatch. I ask you: why must our brains play hide-n-seek like this?


Harley Horse said...

Apparently, you and Tree Hugger have developed interlocking brain over the years!

Lena said...

At least our brains are working! lol

I know what you mean though, senior moments are so frustrating.