Thursday, March 18, 2010

Childlike Defiance

Now that I'm recovering from a broken leg, I get scolded every time I stand on the step-stool to reach something on the high shelf.  "Mom! Get down! Ask Dad to get that for you!"

This brings back a memory of Mom and me. Two or three years ago, Mom came out in the kitchen while I was on the step-stool.

"Oh," she said, "I need to borrow that." A frail 97-year-old lady needs to borrow a step-stool?

"What for?" I asked.

"If I tell  you, you won't let me borrow it."

True enough. She eventually confessed that she wanted to clean the tops of her kitchenette cabinets. 

"Mom, I can do that for you. I don't want you getting up on this thing."

"Why not?"

"Because you could fall and break something."

"Anybody could fall and break a bone," she countered.

True enough.

"Besides," she went on, "I have never fallen." She forgot she'd already told me about the time she landed in the rose bush while cleaning the garage window, back in Meadville.

To demonstrate her agility and superior sense of balance, she stood on the lower step and flapped her arms defiantly. She looked like a bird about to take flight. 

"Mom, get down!"

She got down, pleased to see that she had riled me up.

She did not get to borrow the step-stool


Golden To Silver Val said...

My grandmother had that same degree of feisty and I honestly think that's why she lived to be so old (94). Love to read those stories about your mom....bless her soul. She's probably getting things all in order 'up there'. LOL

Lena said...

Yes, I always enjoy these stories about your mom as well.

I remember when I had knee surgery and I would try to do things for myself hobbling around and my son would scold me saying, "You are just like grandpa!"

Cheryl said...

I love this story. For SO many reasons! Thanks for your words of understanding with my father.

So glad your trip to Mexico was good. Are things back to normal at home yet?