Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Uncle Dan's Clocks

In his later years, one of Phil's uncles liked to take his collection of old clocks to weekend flea markets. It didn't really matter to Uncle Dan whether he sold a clock or not. He just liked to get out and meet people.

One day a customer asked Uncle Dan how much he wanted for the whole collection. Uncle Dan wasn't really interested in selling, so he named an outrageously high price. SOLD! To Uncle Dan's surprise, the customer pulled a wad of money from his pocket and paid cash on the spot.

No one knows if the loss of his clocks had anything to do with it, but within a year, Uncle Dan was dead.


CJM-R said...

Hmmm, it would make one wonder.

I hope he enjoyed the money at least.

Eric S. said...

I wonder? Perhaps it was the loss of his excuse to socialize. Some of us seem to need an excuse, I was not a very social person, but have changed my way's.

Nancy said...

I think the lack of connections to all those people couldnt have helped. I think socializing and enjoy life is a big part of longevity.