Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Last Primrose of Summer?

Two weeks ago, the Tree Hugger predicted that our last evening primrose would bloom that night. Although the plant is gradually going dormant, it bloomed last night and looks as if it has a few more blooms to go. Meanwhile, the hummingbirds visit the feeders constantly, getting ready for their arduous trip to Mexico.

Monarch butterfllies winter in Mexico as well. I had hoped to capture a photo of the enormous Joe Pye weed in our backyard laden with butterflies. Unfortunately, we've seen hardly a single butterfly this year. The Joe Pye weed will soon be past its prime. I was so concerned about the absence of butterflies that I've joined in order to find out why. A woman in suburban northern VIrginia thought that our cooler-than-usual spring and extensive spraying were probably to blame. So sad.


Nancy said...

Unless we have a rare early Fall, we won't see signs of season changes for about two more months. One thing I do always enjoy though (other than the obvious cooler weather), is to see the birds and butterflies passing through.

happypitbull said...

I love to watch the Monarchs migrate south in fall. It's a while yet--still way too hot here--but I'm already seeing a few. One year we had so many coming through that for a few days it was like "The Birds" only with butterflies. Beautiful AND creepy.