Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fat Cat

Yesterday I took Mom's cat, Georgie, to the vet. Mom came along to supervise. Mom adopted Georgie last year after Sadie, her 16-year-old kitty-companion, had to be put to sleep. Georgie, a five-year old tuxedo, came from a shelter. She weighed 10 pounds a year ago February, when she moved in, 11 pounds when she got her shots last May, and 13 pounds at yesterday's visit. The vet strongly advised cutting back on her food. Mom said, coyly, "I will ask 'the boss' what she thinks about that. Anyway, she's gained only two pounds."

I should point out that Mom will be 99 on April 19th and is nearly blind from macular degeneration. Last May, she insisted, as she had with all her cats, that Georgie's shots be divided between two visits. Back home in Meadville, her vet would say, "I've been a veterinarian for 30 years, and I've always given all the boosters at the annual check-up." "Well," Mom would say, "that may well be, but you're not putting all that medicine in my little cat!" This year, Mom didn't hear the vet say, "Her distemper shot is not due until the first of May, but if you like, we can give her both the rabies and the distemper shot today." Sounded good to me. I scribbled a note: "It's OK with me, but don't tell Mom." On the way home, Mom, who crossly informs me every day that she can't see, said, "They gave Georgie two shots, one in her neck and one in her hip. What were they?"


Treasia said...

How observant your mother is for not being able to see. I mean this in the nicest way possible. You see my grandmother is 104 and can't see or hear very well, but do something she doesn't like or say something she doesn't like and boy does she know it. haha

forsythia said...


Your grandmother is 104? That's amazing, and I suppose some would say, that's wonderful. It's definitely a mixed blessing for Mom. One of her complaints is that she's lived longer than any of her relatives. "Why am I still here?" she'll say, at least once a week. "None of the Montgomery's lived this long! I can't see! I can't hear! I'm no good to anyone."

Nancy said...

It seems that your mother is quite a force to be reckoned with. Probably always has been. But from what little I know, you are quite a spunky character yourself. LOL

Tory said...

I know it must be hard at times to deal with your mom, but she totally entertains the rest of us..lol. I think she's hilarious! A real spit-fire.
Keep up the stories of her, I love them.
Take care

happypitbull said...

My sis has a "boss" (also known as a cat) that was declared overweight. This is a cat that has four meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and "second dinner"). The vet told her to change out some of the dry food with wet food. So now, they still feed four times a day, but half the food is wet. The cat LOVES the wet food and has lost so much weight that the last time I was over there, I teased them: "I think your cat has internal parasites!"