Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Camp Run-A-Mutt

Here's an ad we ran recently. Ramsey, the urban street dog our younger daughter acquired while living in Baltimore, applied for a scholarship and got it. He returned home yesterday much Wiser in the Ways of the Woods.


Rediscover your inner wolf at CAMP RUN-A-MUTT.

Sure, you love your human pack leaders,
but you have to play by their rules.
You have to eat “organic” dog food, heavy on vegetables. You have to pee or poop where
they think it’s OK. You hear “no” all
the time, especially if you chew up a cushion
or growl a little.

This is a dog’s life in the 21st century,
and it ain’t pretty.

That’s why we’re offering this Springtime Retreat
for reconnecting with your inner wolf
at beautiful Camp Run-a-mutt in Knox County, Ohio
during the first weekend in April.

• Hiking
• Campfires, with smores
• Howling at the moon (weather permitting)
• Wading in clear, clean streams
• Workshops led by Calvin “Fullmoon” Coyote and Singing Wolf
• Transportation and meals included in cost of the weekend.
• Scholarships available.
• Vet certificate required
• Call today to make your reservation now. HURRY. Space is limited.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Sounds like a camp any mutt would enjoy! :)