Monday, January 28, 2008

Dancing to "Houston"

Ten years ago, my husband and I still went square-dancing and round-dancing. Understanding the caller against all the background noise was a challenge for me. Did the caller just say "circle eight" or "circulate?" Round-dance was even worse. The round-dance cuer called out dance figures such as "grapevine" and "twisty vine" and "butterfly box" over a soundtrack of show tunes, often with vocalists.

I could have sworn that one of her favorites began with the phrase, "You said." After about a year of trying to puzzle it out, I asked my husband, "You know that song that starts out 'You said?' Well, what comes after that? What is it that 'you said?' "

He was stumped, so I hummed a few bars. "Oh, that! They're not saying 'you said.' They're saying 'Houston!"


Nancy Chisum said...

You said and Houston sound alot alike to me! :-)
Until my husband started losing his hearing, I never realized how many situations could present problems with background noise. He is always been asked to business lunches and that is about the worst place for him to try and hear anything enough to discuss business.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Hello! You no longer square dance? It was one my favorite things to do when I was in school and we "had" to do it for P.E. once a year. Everyone complained, but I secretly loved it.

It seems it would keep the spirit young.