Friday, January 11, 2008

Brown hawks! How wonderful!

I was telling my haircutter about the birds and other wildlife in our backyard.

"All we have is a pair of brown hawks, " she said, with a little moue of disgust.

"Brown hawks! Wow, are you lucky!" I exclaimed.

She made a face. "Well, I don't like them. They dig holes in the yard."

"Wow! Hawks that nest underground! They must be quite rare," I enthused.

The scissors stopped mid-snip. "Just what are we talking about here?" she asked.

Turns out my exotic brown hawks were nothing more than a pair of ground hogs.

1 comment:

Nancy Chisum said...

:-) Yes I guess ground digging brown hawks would be pretty exciting! I never knew how much fun my hearing impaired husband is really having! LOL