Saturday, November 17, 2007


Mom came down with a chest cold a few days before Halloween. I took her to see her nurse practitioner. Mom's breathing was labored, so Mrs. D prescribed an antibiotic. Mom was absolutely befuddled. She'd been this way before when she was ill, but never this bad. She quickly began to recover on the antibiotic, and within two days, she was breathing easier. The fog began to lift.

Although she is almost back to normal, she's lost some ground. We returned to the doctors' office yesterday for a follow-up and a pneumonia shot. While we were waiting for Mrs. D, I mentioned that Thanksgiving was less than a week away. Mom was surprised.

Mrs. D asked Mom some questions. "What year is it?"
Mom replied, "2000."
"2000 and what?" prompted Mrs. D.
"2000," said Mom, firmly.
"Do you know what month it is?"
"Next week is Thanksgiving," Mom proclaimed.
"Good! Great!" said Mrs. D, not knowing that I had tipped Mom off.
Mrs. D's last question was, "Do you know who our president is now?"
"The same guy we had yesterday," Mom shot back.
Mrs. D laughed and let it go at that.

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Amy Y said...

Haha! What a spunky lady! Love that!