Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ice Cream

After Mom's dental appointment (in August), we stopped for ice cream. She wanted the same flavor she had the last time, a mixture of white and dark chocolate called "World Class Chocolate (WCC)."

I said, "You want 'WCC'."
"No, that wasn't what I had the last time."
"Yes, it was."
"No, it had two colors." (I should point out that Mom is nearly blind because of macular degeneration.)
"WCC has two colors."
"But this is not the one. What others have two colors?"
"None of them."
(Pointing.) "What's that?"
"Rainbow sherbet."
"That's not it. What's that?"
"'Cookies and Cream'."
"I want the one I had last time."
"'WCC is the one you had last time."
"No. What others have two colors?"

By the time, the clerk behind the counter gave up and wandered off.
Finally, she decided to accept WCC, for want of better.
The clerk returned and made her a cone, looking amused.

While licking her ice cream, she said, "This is good. Almost as good as the one I had last time."

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