Wednesday, February 21, 2018

NO! Go Back Where You Came From!

These daffodils were already sprouting on Valentine's Day.

Too early!

Two weeks ago, the groundhog

promised six more weeks of winter.

This was welcome news to me, 

since we hardly had any winter at all this year. 

Now YOU daffodils come along, the Truth Tellers of global warming.

No! I won't have it!

Go back where you came from!


Mr. Shife said...

We were seeing the same thing as our big maple started to bloom but then we got 5 inches of snow yesterday. And we are supposed to get 2 more inches tonight. Maybe the groundhog was right. I am looking forward to spring. Have a great weekend.

Sharon Qualls said...

The surprise lilies foliage is over a foot tall already!

Sathya said...

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