Monday, February 15, 2016

Magic Moment

This is our granddaughter. She will be two years old in May. We spent the day with her a week ago, so that her mother could get some work done. Like all little kids her age, she enjoys feeding others. She wants to share pieces of waffle or cracker with her grandfather and me. She tosses food to her dog attendants from her highchair-throne like a tiny queen.

That afternoon, when we were playing toddler games with her in the living room, she fed us again. Only this time, the food was imaginary! We were pretty impressed with that, let me tell you.


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Therapist Mumbles said...

Grandchildren are all beautiful, curious, brilliant, caring, creative and insightful. They allow you to see the world again in new ways. I have had several friends who never had children, mainly because they had very successful careers, which I understood. But then, they will never have grandchildren, and never know that feeling.

Grandparents become very necessary on snow days.