Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow Siege, Day Four

When the snow was still young and exciting, 
Boys came up the street with shovels,
But my husband waved them away.
"I've got this," he said.

The snow kept coming
and when it stopped
it settled into igloo blocks.
Slowly slowly melting,
it still stands one foot tall in the driveway.
The car is stabled like a restless horse.
No line dance class for me today.

The pie is gone.
The milk is soon to go.
No morning paper.
No afternoon mail.
Just the drone of CNN
with Hillary, Bernie, Donald and Ted.
Who cares?

Did some laundry.
Steam-cleaned the carpet
Of two years' dog spit-up, coffee slop-spots,
And stubborn goo.
Who cares?

Played "beer" on Scrabble for 14 points.
Who cares?

The sky is leaden,
The sunshine doubtful, pale and wintery,
Like the smile of a Puritan divine.
Who cares?

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