Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day #27 of 40 Scheduled Treatments

Probably all big cities in the United States make claims like this, but Baltimore is special because Johns Hopkins (JH) Hospital is here.  Phil is getting excellent out-patient care at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at JH. We leave the house every day at 7 AM and arrive at JH about 45 minutes later. We have time for at least an hour's walk before his appointment with "Synergy," his machine. We walk outside in good weather. If it's raining, we walk the second-floor loop at the hospital, enjoying the art work. 

His date with "Synergy" lasts about 10 minutes. Once a week, he sees his oncologist, Dr. Tran, a good guy if ever there was one. Usually we stop for lunch on the way home. We're back by 1 PM at the latest. It's a bit of a grind, but I am not complaining. I am so glad we live near Hopkins. 


KathyA said...

We are exceptionally blessed to have Hopkins and the UMD systems.

I'm also glad to hear his treatments are going pretty well and how stoic of you both to get in that morning walk!

The tall ships are returning to the harbor at the end of June. Maybe you could stop off at the harbor to see them after a JH visit?

forsythia said...

I LOVE the tall ships. Thanks for the heads up.

forsythia said...
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Psterino said...

Sounds like a good routine, which can make difficult tasks managable. And you're way past the halfway point, cruising towards the finish. Big hugs for the tree-hugger and his wife.