Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gem from Last Year's Christmas Letter

Part of the fun of sending Christmas cards is re-reading last year's Christmas letters. Our friend, Bill, wrote about the Thanksgiving of 2012:

"I need to tell you about Thanksgiving Day this year. J (their daughter) always prepares the turkey. She was up and got the turkey in the oven and was feeling great about how things were going, so decided to set the table. She put a cloth on the table and eight dinner plates from the set she inherited from her Grandmother Eicholtz. As she walked away from the table, the cat came running past and jumped on the table. The cat missed, but caught onto the table cloth and pulled all the dishes to the floor, breaking all eight plates. Although it was a discontinued pattern, J was able to find the plates and has replaced all eight broken plates. And yes, the cat is still alive! "


Debra said...

Hi Forsynthia, thanks for stopping and leaving a comment. Going to try to get caught up on evertones blogs. I so agree with you on that post about the surgeons. The reason he was so quick to respond to your complaint is because they are taught to always treat the patient as if they can hear you. Nice of you to not report him as he could have gotten into a lot of trouble for that!

Ginkgo Gal said...

Had no idea your Dad had this drinking problem -- so difficult. Again, will share with hubby. Man, this is heavy stuff. xoxo again