Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Strange Gift

This is a dog from the fifties. 

Mom's sister-in-law, Aunt MaryBelle, was known for sending weird gifts. For Christmas in 1952, she sent this ceramic dachshund to my dad. Mom and I puzzled over it for days. We finally decided it had to be a planter. But why would Aunt MaryBelle send my dad a planter?  He didn't know an African violet from a philodendron. 

Mom couldn't just hide the dog in the closet, because Uncle Cliff and Aunt MaryBelle visited several times a year.  So she gamely stuck a couple houseplants in it and displayed it prominently on the dining-room window sill with her other plants. When Aunt MaryBelle finally saw it, she laughed. This dog was intended for my dad's dresser, she explained. He was supposed to hang his rings on its tail, put his watch around its neck, and use the baskets for his keys and wallet.

Mom removed the plants and Dad pretended to use it for awhile. Then it quietly found its way to the closet. 


forsythia said...

This reminded me of a wedding gift made by a friend who called herself an artist. We hated it & quickly donated it. Recently, I checked the prices paid for her dabblings--some over $20,000!

forsythia said...

The above was posted by my friend, "Charley-Horse," but for some reason it didn't take. BAAAAD BLOGSPOT.

KathyA said...

Could this be a salt and pepper thingy??

You're coming up on my comments as "no reply" -- so I'm answering you here -- Yes, the name of the posting is "Four Little Words" and it was published on 11/22/09. I think if you keep clicking "Older Posts" you can read it. Let me know if you can't. Kathy :)

Psterino said...

Don't tell anyone, but I have a box in my upstairs closet marked "friends' stuff" in which I keep the tchotchkes I've been given for Christmas, etc., things that do not have a place in our uncluttered home. Before anyone visits, I rifle through the box and clear a place of honor for the item. I still love the person, not necessarily their taste in dust collectors.

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