Saturday, August 11, 2012

Call from a Bill Collector

It was Beach Week, and I was in Lewes, DE, with our daughter, son-in-law and grandson. The Tree Hugger and I always split Beach Week because we can't take our two elderly dogs to the beach and they are too old to go to a kennel. Even though the pit bull is a cupcake, there is something about the name of the breed that scares away potential dog-sitters. 

On Monday night, the TH got a call from a man speaking heavily-accented English, possibly an Indian, as in Mumbai.  He asked for me. My husband said I wasn't home and asked what the call was about.

"I can't tell you," said the man. "It's personal." This statement is guaranteed to irritate the most unflappable  of husbands. 

When the same man called on Tuesday night and asked for me again, my quick-thinking spouse replied, "Speaking." 

The TH could tell that the caller was flummoxed, but what could he do? He had no choice but to  remind "me" that my Macy's bill was two months overdue and request an immediate payment. 

When my husband told me about the overdue bill, I was indignant. "It is most certainly NOT overdue," I said.  "I have a zero balance on my account." As soon as I got home, I called Macy's. Don't ask me how, but somehow I've acquired two Macy's accounts over the years, which has caused no end of confusion. This time,   I had a $98.00 credit on one account and owed $98.00 plus interest plus a $25.00 late fee on the other.  Macy's straightened it out and apologized. I asked for the umpteenth time that they cancel the second account, but I have no hope of that happening any time soon. 


Nancy Chisum said...

What a hassle. Hopefully they got it straightened out and you don't have to deal with that again. (And hopefully your hubby won't have to impersonate you again either! LOL)

KathyA said...

Loved your husband's "speaking"! :) Reminds me of the time we sent a check for two phone bills in with both statements in one envelope. We had a substantial credit on one line and a 'past due' on the other. Still boggles my mind.

LOL on "The buck stops here"!! :)

Leona said...

Another wonderful column! Have you ever considering publishing your blog in one of the neighborhood electronic newspapers? Let me know if you want more information!

KathyA said...

I think another reason they are miffed is that for the past several years, American vintners have been winning many of the prizes the French have claimed in the past -- including both Chateau St. Michele and Chateau St. Jean on the West Coast.
Ironically, many of their grapes suffered rot and were replenished with American stock!! :) C'est magnifique, n'est pas!!

Lena said...

The blog I was recommending is called with an M.

(not the one with all those questions!)

I hope things go as smoothly for you and your daughter as possible!