Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Holiday Hothead

We live in Montpelier, a subdivision of over 700 Levitt-built houses. We're the original owners of our house, which we bought in 1967. Lots of holiday memories here.

One Fourth of July morning we awoke to find that someone had placed a small American flag at each driveway, near the curb. A small note was attached to each flag wishing everyone a Happy Fourth, compliments of a local realtor.

Our community maintains an e-mail listserve. People report lost pets, break-ins, announce garage sales, ask neighbors for the name of a good doctor, etc. 

Well, one man was so annoyed at the sight of all the flags that he sent out a nastygram via the listserve, publicly scolding the realtor for using Old Glory to increase his listings. Crass, tasteless, offensive and possibly illegal, he fumed.

Soon the listserve brought a reply. The general tone was, "Sorry the sight of all those little flags upset you so much.  I liked them. I also appreciate the time and effort involved in placing a flag at each house.   However, if you will send me your address, I will gladly come and remove the offending item from your property."

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Nancy Chisum said...

There is always one in every bunch isn't there? That one who has got to find some kind of negative in the simplest thing. I would think the little flags looked quite festive! As to being the original owners of your home, I must say that is a foreign concept to me. I have moved so much!