Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Still the Year of the Cat

When I told the Cat of Cats that the Chinese calendar's Year of the Cat would end tomorrow, she coldly replied, "Every year is the Year of the Cat." Here she is with her hapless and clueless pitbull brother, Ramsey. 

Georgie has found yet another way to tease him. He has a chair. This stained, broken-down orange monstrosity is over 65 years old (I'm talking about the chair here) and should retire, but Ramsey loves it. So it sits in our family room. I've hidden its bulky presence under a light-weight fawn-beige "throw."  Twice this week, Georgie has weasled her way under the throw, creating a small lump in the corner. Ramsey is completely flummoxed. He puts his feet on the chair, nudges the lump, and whines. After a moment or two, she hisses indignantly and shoots out from under like a rocket. He looks vaguely guilty.

Do you think she's deliberately tormenting him?


scireg said...

Oh, a great post! I really like it! ^_^

PseudoPiskie said...

Of course she knows exactly what she is doing. Cats know all. At least they seem to know more than we do.

Nancy said...

I am quite sure of it! I think cats can be pretty devious when they want to be! I love the picture of them!

Lena said...

It must be so funny to watch. Cats are interesting creatures.

Luckily she doesn't scratch Ramsey's eyes out and stay put.