Saturday, July 24, 2010

Not This Again!

My sister--

the one who broke her left femur last November, two weeks before I broke my right femur
the one who never had osteoporosis, but just osteopenia
the one who was treated for her osteopenia with Fosamax
the one who was subsequently found to have a hairline fracture in her right femur
the one who had her right femur "rodded prophylactically" in December

yes, that sister

well, yesterday she fell while walking in Newport Park in Door County, WI,
and turned her hairline fracture into a "completed" fracture. The pain was
excruciating. It looks like the hairline fracture never began to heal after the rod was implanted.


What she and I and all of us in the Femur Fracture Friendship Group have to remember is that after a rod is implanted, healing takes a long time. It may even be delayed for months.  If and when new bone forms, the new bone bonds with old, brittle Fosamax-built bone. Furthermore, Fosamax stays in your system for 10 years.  Some of us will not live long enough to be rid of bones-by-Fosamax. 



Anonymous said...

OY Vey! What a shanda! This news is painful and overwhelming for someone like your sister who has had the rodding! My heart goes out to your Barbara from your femur sister, Barbara, who picked up this information from our Femur Friends networking and now on your blog. My arms go around her in support and understanding. My hope is for her easy and quick quick recovery!

Lena said...

Goodness. I am so sorry to hear that! Hope she recovers very soon!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this.

Debra said...

So very sorry to hear about this! Will be praying that she will recover and without further complications,

Blessings my friend,