Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mischief by Foxen

Last week my husband looked out the kitchen window and saw an odd-looking cat under the hemlock. The "cat" turned out to be a very small fox, which trotted to the persimmon tree by the street and helped itself to some fallen fruit. Spooked by a passing car, it retreated to the hemlock.

On a walk this week,  I spotted a "dog" crossing the street up ahead. Someone's dog had probably gotten loose, I thought.  Then I noticed that this dog had a very pointed nose and a very bushy tail. Another fox!

My husband has fumed for years about pesky squirrels that empty the bird feeders. Now he's noticed that we have far fewer squirrels this fall. Perhaps the foxen and their little ones have been feasting on squirrels.


  1. That makes sense!

    We have a fox on the school grounds, sort of worries me to see him so close to the school.

    P.S. I loved your comment on Andrew's blog!!!

  2. I think foxes are so beautiful. I've only seen one or two in my life.

  3. I saw a dead fox on the road yesterday and mourned. Ten years ago four feral female felines had kittens which came to my house to eat. When the kittens were several weeks old I noticed that one or more fewer came each morning. I suspect a fox or an owl appreciated my cafeteria. Tim was the only kitten to survive tho five of the 16 were given away. I like foxes. We have rabbits for the first time in many years so ours must have moved on or died.