Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quacked Up Over an Opera

I thought I heard them say, "The Washington National Opera production of 'Touring Ducks' is coming to the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore."

The name of the opera is actually "Turandot."


Xanadu said...

I thionk I'd prefer to see the Touring Ducks, instead. lol. Hugs.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Sigh...welcome to my world. I know a hearing aid is in my future...sooner or later. This is why I keep the Close captioning turned on when I watch TV. Episodes make a lot more sense now.

forsythia said...

Val, I've had one for over 25 years. Lost hearing in one ear to meningitis at age 3, but got along OK until I entered the Wonderful World of Work at the age of 41, when the kids were in their teens. People were talking to me (in a noisy office) and I was ignoring them.