Monday, March 30, 2009

No Mood to Be Scammed, Part 3

Now I will tell you about BJM's revenge. She was the "personal business coach" assigned to me by Online Business Systems. She was so "hurt" by the tone of my e-mail I that she called me the next day to assure me that she would never "scam" anyone. I assured HER that I was not remotely interested in a work-at-home scheme.

Two months later the calls began.

"Hello, this is Joshua Wade of Consolidated Medical Services. I am following up on the interest you expressed a month or two ago in a work-at-home opportunity."

"How did you get my name?"


The next day a message was left on our answering machine. "Hi, this is Mark Anderson of Image Incentives. I'm just gettin' back to you with regards to your request for generating additional income. My number here is 1-866-580-9838." I did not return Mark's call. To his credit, Mark made no attempt to generate additional income for himself by contacting me again.

"Terry" called late the day after that. "You name has come across my desk as someone interested in making money from home. Is that correct?" So crisp and professional, with that "across my desk" business. She sounded like an executive head hunter, as long as you ignored the part about "making money at home."

"How did you get my name?"


In a day or two, I got a call from Mr. Diaz. He didn't hang up when I asked how he got my name, but he didn't really answer the question either.

There was another "across-my-desk" caller who apologized for bothering me and promised to take my name off "the list."

The last call (I can only hope) came just last week.


Xanadu said...

Don't you just want to reach through the phone and smack them? No, wait...that's just me. I get so irritated with things like this. I tend to lose it when I have to deal with idiots like these. They always have their little speech ready, and when you ask a question they can't answer, they hang up. Cowards. lol. Hugs.

Lena said...

On and on it goes. Hope it stops soon!!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Contact info is worth big bucks and I just despise those people who 'sell' our info to thousands of places who try to take advantage of us. I'm now getting calls from charities who refuse to take my donation unless it meets a 'certain amount'. Can you believe it? I've been told the solicitors get a percentage of what you donate and that's the reason why. I am NEVER donating money to charities that call me again. They are aggressive pushy and border on being rude. Instead of being grateful for any kind of donation, they ask for MORE. What has this country come to. Just a bunch of greedy lowlifes. Every one of them. Good luck on getting your name 'off the list'. You may have to change your number if it gets worse. If my caller ID won't give me the caller's info, I pick up and hang up or just let it go to the answering machine. 99% of the time they will not leave a message.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

This is horrible. I really hope you get out of this loop.

Anonymous said...

Honey I read ALL your scam blogs. Sadly I get those people ALL day and everyday calling me. As far as the charges they cannot possibly charge a new card if the numbers where changed it is not POSSIBLY. So contact your CC company on that, but I noticed you said Credit Union, they could have charged you bank account with credit union instead of card. And if you belong to a Credit Union, such as myself, you can fill out a paper that not only replaces the money back into your account but blocks any and all futures debt from that said company from EVER charging you again. What has happened is someone has stole your personal information, so more than the charges someone is using your card and name and ss# to buy things that is the bigger issue here. But as far as the daily calls back to back, want to know how to stop them, say yes this is here, let them do their sales pitch, and nicely say I am on the Do Not Call Registry, I do not want to be called, and if your company calls again I will report you to the FTC. And if they call again really report them to the FTC with all and any information you can get from them. I do that and never get a call back from that company again, not to mention I have made over 200.00 in court filing the FTC has made as a group file against companies that cont. to call you, it is against FEDERAL laws if you ask them to stop and they don't after so many people file a report for the same said company with the FTC, then the FTC takes that said company to court and winds 100s of 1000s of dollars which is then equally divided between all the people whom filed a report. By goodness if they are gonna break the law I am gonna hold them to the law to the fullist.