Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fishes of Illinois

The other day a second-hand booksale was held at my husband's workplace. As he browsed the tables, he heard a couple of folks chuckling. One of them said, "Who would ever buy this one--FISHES OF ILLINOIS." The Tree Hugger perked up his ears. The big, fat book was immediately snapped up by the senior-citizen in the worn-out jeans.

Yesterday morning, he told me why he loves his new book. "This book is full of all these wonderful fishes. Each one is unique in its way and there are so many of them. Why should we have to go down to South America to find interesting and beautiful fishes for our aquariums when there are all these wonderful fishes right here in our very own streams. But they belong in the wild, not captured. Who knows what pollution and development are doing to them? It makes me sad."


CJM-R said...

That is so touching... Glad he found the book.

Eric S. said...

That is an interesting perspective he has. I like all kinds of books about nature and animals.