Saturday, September 27, 2008

On the Dole

Mom is 99 and no longer as sharp as she used to be. Conversations meander this way and that. Her train of thought frequently jumps the track. Sometimes I can't fathom her reasoning.

A standing item on her shopping list is Dole fruit cups. Two weeks ago, on a whim, I brought home fruit cups with "gel."

"Don't get those again. They're awful, " she said.

Yesterday, we were making out her shopping list. "Get me those fruit cups, both kinds."

"What do you mean, both kinds? 'Tropical fruit' and 'fruit salad'?"

"No, I want one with the stuff in it."

"You don't mean the gel?"

"Yes, the gel."

"But you said you didn't like the kind with the gel."

"I don't, but maybe they've improved it."


CJM-R said...

Her quotes always make me smile a little and then I remember how frustrating it must be for you. So did you get the gel ones? What did she say this time?

forsythia said...

Yes, I got the gel ones, but I'm not sure she's opened one yet. We'll see what she says.

Eric S. said...

Maybe for just a moment she felt she was ready to give them another chance. I can't imagine what it is that you go through emotionally on a daily basis.

I was too young to fully grasp what my mother dealt with in caring for Grandma. I do remember feeling sorry for her. In the end though I really do think she was happy she had taken on the responsibility.

happypitbull said...

This is the same sort of line of reasoning I follow sometimes. Basically, I buy product X, I decide I hate product X, but a few months later I buy product X again, hoping it has improved, because surely I was not the only one who hated it, and surely lots of people wrote the company and told them how lousy it was, and then surely the company decided to fix the product and make it better. (Disappointment inevitably follows.)

I know it's frustrating for you, though. Especially spending money on something you know your mom won't eat. Maybe you can give them to the food bank or something after your mom rejects them again.