Friday, July 11, 2008

Losing It Again and Again

Last night I went to sleep at 10 PM and woke at midnight. I knew it was hopeless, so I got up.

I realize I am losing it with Mom. I thought that hiring a visiting caregiver was the answer. Yesterday, the caregiver came for her initial visit. After watching Mom struggling to understand the aide's heavily accented English, I began to doubt that this caregiver was the right match for a hard-of-hearing old lady. I'll call today and cancel next week's trial visits.

The woman who used to stay overnight when we went away on long weekends still visits once a week just to chat with Mom. She brings ice cream and listens. I pay her $20 per visit. Maybe that's all we need for now. That, plus two or three phones calls a day from me to Mom when I'm down in College Park taking care of my grandson. I always hate to call, because Mom tends to drift into meandering discussions about what the cat had for breakfast. But if I have to do it to get peace of mind, I'll do it.


Nancy said...

You are going through such a hard time right now. I wish I could offer you some real solid help, but I do offer you my prayers.

forsythia said...

Thank you, Nancy. I think your prayers were heard. I feel completely at peace today, and ready to enjoy a few days at the beach. (My husband will be here with Mom.)